The Uncommon Man

Take Back the Respect
You’ve Earned!

A Guide for Accomplished Men to Reclaim
Appreciation & Live the Fulfilled Life They Deserve.

What You Will Learn From Us

Why, despite achieving career success, record levels of anxiety and stress are prevalent among successful career-driven men, and the crucial steps to regain control and respect.

How to cultivate presence and genuine joy in every moment, even when it feels like the world doesn’t acknowledge your efforts.

The 5 Core Principles of the UNCOMMON MAN will guide you to a life of enhanced confidence, energy and purpose.

We take men on the journey from being STUCK, to becoming UNSTOPPABLE.

What Is Uncommon Man?

Uncommon Man is dedicated to taking men on the journey from STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE.

Our purpose is:

“To create an abundance of resources that create an unbreakable foundation for men to bring joy, love, and positive masculinity to their own lives first, then the lives of others.”

The outcomes we create are:

“To easily attract GREAT MEN and level them up to become their own inspiration, and the inspiration for all those they love.”

5 Basic Principles of UNCOMMON MAN



No frills, no fuss, just results. We know our stuff.


Being UNCOMFORTABLE is when we grow. We will challenge you but ALWAYS have your back.


The path is simple, not easy. Our people & systems are reliable and true to our word.


We are no better or less than anyone else. But we have absolute faith in what we do.


The work we do leaves a Legacy. It’s life changing and builds unbreakable bonds.

My Life Coaching Philosophy

The Life Coaching philosophy to Uncommon Man is simple, we assist COMMON men to do UNCOMMON things, so you can live a life of purpose! Throughout our Life Coaching programs, we create an abundance of resources for you to create an unbreakable foundation for men to bring joy, love and positive masculinity to their own lives first, then the lives of others. Our Life Coaching Programs will help what we see as already great men, and level them up so they become their own inspiration, and the inspiration for all those they love.

As Featured In

Meet Leigh Stafford

Most of us start our blurb with what we have achieved – the business we built, the family we are proud of, the sporting victories we’ve had.

Rarely do we share what was TRULY going on under the hood, that constant feeling of being stuck, of never quite measuring up.

Of the struggles that led us to grandiosity – workaholism, drinking, drugs, partying, obsession with winning – all the unhealthy stuff that we use to numb the lack of clarity we have about who we are and what we are here for.

But that was me.

After a lifetime of feeling stuck, like everything wasn’t quite good enough, I finally found some systems that allowed me to get out of my own way and follow my passions.

When I connected to what was truly important to me – COMMUNITY, LOVE, LAUGHING, GROWTH – Uncommon Man became my true north.

So here I am now.

Finding, creating and sharing systems that allow men to permanently shift away from the performance-based self-esteem society demands of us to living a life full of authentic intent.

There is an abundance of great resources, great people and simple tools that I am now determined to get in the hands of men so they can step into their true power.

Common Men doing Uncommon Things!

Live The Life You
Always Dreamed Of!

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Quality Mind Transform
Program 6 Months

This program will show you how to get Unstuck by teaching you how to take back control of your mind and soul through mastery of the Quality Mind System.

Learning to implement a system that allows you to choose your thought patterns and create a life of your choosing brings confidence, energy, and passion to your life.

What's included:

Min 20 x Hosted Group Weekly Transform Sessions, 6 x Buddy Sessions including;
  • Thought Shopping
  • Bubble Popping
  • Meditation
  • Manifesting (28-Day Challenge x 2)
  • Mind Movie Creation
  • Love & Forgiveness
  • Vibrational Levels (IAOK)
  • Self Worth
  • Progress Measurement (Scorecard)
  • Body Balance
Access to Hosted Crew Chat for Group Transform Ongoing Development


Traction Program
5 Months

Now that you’re Unstuck, it’s time to UNLOCK the system that allows you to set and achieve the goals you’re seeking.

UNLOCK the key elements that prevent you from achieving your goals. We teach you how to clearly articulate and define your goals, close the gap created by sloppy thinking, rid yourself of the lazy actions and actually make it happen!

What's included:

Min 14 x Hosted Group Weekly Transform Sessions, 2 x Buddy Sessions;
  • Closing the Gap
  • Payoff Matrix
  • SMART Goals
  • Daily Rhythm
  • Belief Loop Understanding
  • Abundance
  • Fears & Belief Smashing
  • Full Respect Living
Access to Hosted Crew Chat for Group Transform Ongoing Development


Elevate Program
5 Months

You are UNSTUCK, you have UNLOCKED the secret to achieving your goals, now it is time to UNCOVER your true intent and purpose and create your authentic life.

Clarity and simplicity in all areas of life – self, relationships, health, life- style, work, wealth, and community – allows you to invest your time in line with your purpose.

What's included:

Min 14 x Hosted Group Weekly Transform Sessions, 2 x Buddy Sessions;
  • Intention Setting
  • Mind Movie Reimagining
  • Highest Potential in Action
  • Traction v Distraction
Access to Hosted Crew Chat for Group Traction Ongoing Development


Game Changer Program
5 Months

You are UNSTUCK, you’ve UNLOCKED the secret to achieving your goals, you have UNCOVERED your true intent and purpose, now is the time to UNLEASH your vision and purpose to the world.

By embarking on THE project that delivers on your intent and purpose, more and more of your time is spent living a life of complete fulfillment.

What's included:

Min 14 x Hosted Group Weekly Transform Sessions, 2 x Buddy Sessions, including
  • Intent to Action
  • Buddy Manifesto
  • Creating the New Loop
  • Intention Calendar
  • Intention Mechanics
  • Payoff Matrix
  • Fears & Belief Smashing
  • Full Respect Living
Access to Hosted Crew Chat for Group Transform Ongoing Development

Free Self Assessment

Take our FREE Self Assessment Quiz to get an understanding of where you’re situated at the present. Our Quiz is the very first step to your Uncommon Man journey. If you want a roadmap to get UNSTUCK and live the life you always dreamed of, it starts here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Uncommon Man uniquely blends mindfulness, positive psychology, and practical life coaching, specifically tailored for men in Melbourne seeking meaningful change.

Our programs are designed for any man seeking personal growth, whether in their professional life, personal development, or both. It works best if you feel stuck and are looking for support to take on bigger and better challenges in your life.

Mindfulness is integral to our coaching, helping men gain clarity, improve focus, and develop a deeper understanding of their personal and professional goals. Knowing how to ground yourself in the present is important to develop the confidence needed to act, even if imperfectly.

Expect personalised guidance to build confidence, practical business strategies, and ongoing support to help you achieve your objectives.

Program lengths vary but typically range from a few months to a year, depending on your goals and needs.

Yes, we offer an initial discovery call to discuss your needs and how our coaching can benefit you.

What our clients Say About Us

13 reviews on
Darren Murr
Darren Murr
Leigh was a wonderful mentor, the journey transformative.
Patrick Dowling
Patrick Dowling
My quality mind journey was and continues to be an extraordinary one. At the time Leigh skilfully and patiently guided me though a one on one programme, it was during a period of my life where I just couldn’t see a way through to happiness, couldn’t stop living in the past, couldn’t control my anxiety and wasn’t living for today. Fast forward a couple of years, I can say without hyperbole the programme was a game changer for me, and Leigh’s extensive knowledge in the field of mental health and coaching complements is wondrously. The old adage is true, if it’s going to be it’s up to me, and you need to be prepared to put in the work to build a new muscle. However, Leigh will be there every step to help and motivate and ultimately celebrate the changes that occur. If you’re not living in the present, worry incessantly, think you’re not good enough or constantly doubt yourself, book a discovery call. It might just change everything for you.
Leigh Bradbury
Leigh Bradbury
Absolute Super Star. Changed my life. wouldn't be where I am without Leigh's Guidance and life tools
Ned Howard
Ned Howard
Having Leigh as a mentor has honestly helped to change my life. I’ve been able to work through things and reach places mentally that 18 months ago I never thought I would reach. Leigh has been better than any psychologist or psychiatrist I’ve ever had and pushed me in just the right way to break through psychological barriers I’ve been battling for decades. Thank you Leigh!
Matthew Monk
Matthew Monk
Leigh steered me through an emphatic journey of self discovery and improvement. His work and those associated has helped me with a clearer, open and deliberate way of thinking.
Carol Dixon
Carol Dixon
Working with Leigh and completing 2 full programs has changed my world. I am constantly evolving and the happiest I have been with my life and who I am. Enjoy your journey with Leigh and discover the “real” you. “Life is beautiful, live it with a clear mind and open heart”
Scott McDonald
Scott McDonald
Before commencing my coaching program with Leigh I thought I wouldn't need it, or I had the answers but nothing could be further from the truth. Leigh taught me how to value myself, to correct my thinking, and to unlock my own potential. I can honestly say I am twice the person, friend, Father and husband that I was before I undertook this course and with the tools given to me by Leigh I continue to grow every day. Taking on Leigh's coaching was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm forever grateful, but importantly I've never been happier.
Belinda Cecchini
Belinda Cecchini
You won’t find a more talented, supportive coach who will gently, kindly and lovingly extract you from your comfort zone and help you launch yourself into the life of your dreams! Ten out of ten amazing!
Ashley Parsons
Ashley Parsons
Leigh was first my football coach, then became a good mate. Ten years later I would never of imagined he’d become my mind mentor. Leigh is extremely good at what he does in the mental health and well being space, an extremely good life coach. I’ll be forever grateful to him for pulling me out of the black hole I was in.
Christopher Hynes
Christopher Hynes
Leigh is a very authentic and caring person . I found him to be a fully committed coach . I found great benefit in his Quality Mind course and he was the perfect facilitator. He knows when to challenge you and he knows when to guide you .Leigh is a coach that will certainly add great value to your life .


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